Inspiration every day


I send out daily messages, every week-day.  These are short and invite you to engage with a moment of joy, inspiration, reflection or magic. Here's some lovely things people have said about the daily mails so far:

"I wanted to say I am loving your daily messages! I am enjoying the ever-changing focus and topics, and the personal and honest nature of your writing.  Your messages give me a nudge to reflect and consider myself at the start of each day :-) Not always easy when life feels hectic!" - Rachel

"I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying these daily nourishing notes. Thank you for your wisdom, generosity and general marvellousness." - Andrew

"Just wanted to say how I love these daily e-mails. So many of them seem absolutely perfect each day. I hope they will make it into a book/calender one day..." - Fiona

So, if you would like to have a little daily nudge towards a more magical, soulful awareness, a glimpse of life's wonderful mystery, and a moment to take a breath, sign up! 

light hearted