Books Books Books!

I love books.  I think I always have.  As objects themselves not just repositories of thought, feeling and perspective.  I've published a range of books and articles now and don't plan to stop!  The three I am most proud of are below, if you want to see a full list then follow this link.

The Tao Te Ching, an ancient Chinese spiritual text has been a valuable guide to me over the years and is the most succinct expression of some of the fundamental truths common in all traditions I have found.  I set out to write about those truths and ended up writing my own version of the text.  A little more accessible for the modern reader and with my own brand of humour woven in, it is truly the core of my light hearted, deep rooted philosophy.

Death & Life
By Francis Briers

Time and again, it has been my experience that to live our lives with full presence and purpose, means embracing the nearness of death.  And that the many deaths we will face in our lives are each themselves gateways to new life, whether that is the death of a loved one, the death of a cherished dream or way of life, the end of a period of life or other significant transition.  Whether it is the big death of a person, or the small death of life's changes, death and life seem to be inextricably linked in a way which is both utterly paradoxical and makes intuitive sense.  This illustrated poem is my expression and exploration of this paradox and has proved resonant and meaningful to hundreds of workshop participants over the last few years.

A few years ago I was doing a very varied set of work across many different organisations.  All of it was with leaders of one sort or another but some were CEO's and senior leaders of large corporations, others were leaders in health and social care, still others exploring the field of sustainability.  In my varied work I was seeing interconnections which were helping me to find some sense of sanity in the face of an increasingly scary and chaotic world.  I wanted to share some of these connections in a digestible form, and one which enabled others to take the work forwards.  This is the product of that journey.