The Merch.

I've always loved cool t-shirts with stuff written on them, things which symbolise ideas that matter to me and also just stuff I enjoy or find funny.  I enjoy them as objects but they also help to remind me of things which are important, to evoke a philosophy which keeps me on track in my life and to uplift my spirits when I wear them.  So, I made some! 

Go and check out this wearable wisdom in my store 'Semper Remeans.'

Here are a few of the designs (you can scroll along and see a few by tapping on the gallery below) but there are lots more, men's and women's style shirts, hoodies and vest tops too.

Semper Remeans is the motto. It is a briefer version of 'Semper Domum Remeans' which is Latin for 'Always Returning Home'. To me this is about the deep resilience we all need today: always returning to the centre of our being, always returning to our heart's truths, always returning home to ourselves.

This brand is for meaning makers, soul seekers and spiritually inclined folk of every stripe. It's who we are on the inside which counts but sometimes when we are trying to be our best selves, having the right costume helps!

What's even better is that I'm working with the guys who produce Rapanui clothing. Their ethical policy is awesome and we use only organic fibers, printed in a renewable energy powered factory in the UK.