Facilitating Personal & Spiritual Development

I have been running professional trainings, workshops and doing coaching, spiritual counselling and healing work with people for around 20 years now and have developed some simple but profound methods for designing and shaping transformational experiences for individuals and groups. I am working on some online courses and have created a free tutorial video to get you started.

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These methods have been tried and tested in a huge variety of settings from the far reaches of ritual and ceremonial work and shamanic healing practice, right through to the more conventional but equally fascinating workshops I have run extensively in business and organisations with leaders, managers, graduates and teams.

I have found through my daily email newsletter and involvement in running and participating in various online training programmes that you can do some pretty magical work through the medium of the internet and it is a great way to make learning and growth more accessible both in terms of location and cost.

I am now working on a number of online courses which I plan to launch in the coming year. Some sooner, some later but let me know what sparks you interest and I’ll prioritise what people want as best I can!

The three projects I have in mind, where I feel I can add real value and haven’t seen anyone else teaching what I have to offer are:

1) Designing Transformational Workshops - A foundational course in 10 core principles for designing any workshop where you want to go beyond knowledge transfer and cultivate wisdom and mastery for people, to have a transformational impact in their lives. My experience is that using these principles will consistently improve the design of any workshop, or give you the building blocks to start designing brilliant workshops if this is something you are new to.

2) Ritual & Ceremony for Facilitators, Coaches and Change-Makers - A more in-depth training working with fundamental structures that turn up in every aspect of our lives. We unconsciously engage in moments of ceremony and repeated rituals all the time. In this course I will teach you how to bring consciousness to these processes of transition and transformation, and how to design them to help the people you work with to experience powerful change.

3) Reclaiming Your Spiritual Authority - This has now eveolved into ‘wise fool school’ but will still be a short email course to help cultivate a sense of meaning and purpose in daily life. It is an extension of my ‘Everyday Magic’ emails in helping you to connect with a sense of spirit, or the divine, directly. Many traditional religions focus on a mediated relationship with the divine (through a minister or priest) this is about having the tools to go direct to the source.

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